Sally Ure Reid

Sally Ure Reid is a maker, sculptor and decorative metal worker, working in recycled, unused and natural, raw materials. She is the director of All in the Making, a CIC which hopes to help disadvantaged individuals learn life and craft skills to better their health and well being.

Having graduated from Goldsmiths and worked as a busy designer and maker of design accessories in London in the 90s, Sally developed an interest in therapy and began an arts based therapy organisation for special needs in Leigh-on-Sea. After relocating to France to care for her parents in 2000, she discovered the theraputic nature of living simply with nature, as well as the benefits of nature based healing.

From these interests, Sally launched All in the Making. The aim of which is to create beautiful, fair-trade products produced locally and sustainably, while at the same time helping people to develop their own skills and confidence, by learning traditional crafts.

Sally runs All in the Making workshops and courses in Colchester, Essex and is always keen to discuss new ideas for projects.

For more information please go to Sally’s Linked In



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