Made In Colchester are a collective of artists, makers and designers who are based within the Colchester area.

We are a diverse group with a common thread of Colchester, quality and innovation. We spread the work and message of the collective through shows, workshops, talks, exhibitions and fairs. We also aim to to promote the wealth of creative talent and skills that can be found within the Colchester art scene.

We’re currently looking for new members to join our collective. If you’re interested in being part of Made in Colchester, read on:

Associate Members: 
• Have their work shared via the collective’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages
• Are offered pitches for a flat rate (on average £30) at our own fairs after any Core members have decided to attend. This price includes parking for the day, one free tea and cake and a 6ft table for your stall. (Please note to take part in Made In Colchester fairs you must have public liability insurance. We recommend www.a-n.co.uk for £36 a year) 

How do people join?
To be a member of Made in Colchester you should:
• Live and work in or near to Colchester.
• Produce original and creative work in any medium
• NOT be re-selling work, or producing pieces from patterns or templates made by others

If that sounds like you, then fill out our application form here.

Please bear in mind that we decide on new members as a collective, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee a membership to everyone who applies.